Pro Tips for Attending Lollapalooza from Festival Experts

The Lollapalooza music festival is one of the most attended festivals of all times. The festival will be opening on 2nd August at Grant Park and continues till the weekend. If you are also one of the crazy fans excited to get on this fantastic festival here are some pro tips just for you to make the most out of the event.

There is always a lot of hustle and bustle at the festivals and Lollapalooza is one big event I might say. The festival has seen many changes through all these years one of the examples is it being a four-day festival now. To live through your expectation you might need a problem. And who could be better for getting advice on how to do that than the most constant festival goers themselves.

These Lollapalooza experts have gone to almost every year’s event from 5 to 7 years and probably know more than enough things through their experiences to make yours a better one. So let’s start on the details:

Basic Tips & Tricks

Lollapalooza events are always so crowded through the recent years have seen more of the younger audience that does not mean there are no other age-groups seen there at Lollapalooza. You’ll definitely see some of those old dudes wearing ’94 Lollapalooza shirts. This just shows how crazy people are about the festival.

According to one of the regulars, there was a massive storm during one of the Lollapalooza events in 2011 when Foo Fighters headlined. The sky opened up out of nowhere and things got ugly, but then the lead vocalist David Grohl instructed the crowd to sing along. Soon the crowd was singing along, forbidden the fear of weather in the far corners of their brains.
However, this was a lesson be prepared for anything when you are going to a festival. Always remember to bring an umbrella or bring a Ziploc bag with you in case the rain decide to trample your plans.

Most of the festival-goers even prepare a whole bag full of necessities they like to call “festival kit” including sunscreen, a plastic bag for phone, a poncho, a backup phone charger, and even toilet papers. Well, you never know what you will be facing during your trip there.

Though the security has been reported to be a lot stricter than before and there are these rules that limit you to bring small purses, totes and drawstring bags only.

Pack accordingly and remember to be organized. Get a copy of all the sets happening at different stages and mark out what you want to see beforehand. Though being organized is a good idea don’t get too stressed when things don’t go as you had planned. Get Lollapalooza Chicago tickets and let the festival spirit take you with its flow a little.

There is this Toyota Music Den, one the fans favorite spot for a smaller performance where you can get free bandanas as well. Do check the place out you never know what would be awaiting you there? Make a lot of new friends while you are at it. Also, remember to bring a water bottle you don’t want to get dehydrated.

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